Our Team

Marina Campos

Marina Campos

Director of Operations

Joined: 2008
Expertise: Finance
Nicknames: Tzarina, Masco
Pet: Marley

Carine Strong

Carine Strong

Executive Director

Joined: 2008
Expertise: Strategic Planning
Nicknames: Queen Carine, el Capitana
Specialty: Baking

Shaminda Perera

Manager of Learning and Resource Development

Joined: 2011
Expertise: Training
Nicknames: Commander, Roshel
Pets: Guinea Pigs

Faisal Ikram

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Joined: 2016
Expertise: Audio-Video
Nicknames: Phyzal
Obsession: Restaurants

Madhuri Payidiparty

Office and Referral Coordinator

Joined: 2010
Expertise: People
Mannerisms: Smiling knowingly with a twinkle in her eye

Shan Abbasi

Community Development Specialist

Jane Scognamillo

Fund Development Consultant

Tammy Elliott

Member Relations Consultant